Hand Veins   

image9Prominent veins on the back (dorsum) of the hands can occur due to hormonal changes resulting in thinning of the overlying skin, reduced skin tension, reduced subcutaneous fat around the vein and between the skin and vein, and some enlargement of the veins. When stretching the skin, the veins will often appear much less prominent or entirely normal.


Treatments of Hand Veins

Treatment can include an injection of Radiesse, which is a white colored filler to take the place of some of the lost subcutaneous fat and immediately reduces the appearance of the veins. For very thin atrophic skin, a topical cream can help improve skin thickness and improve skin tension over several months. In only a few cases, a select portion of enlarged veins may be removed my micro-phlebectomy using a tumescent topical anesthetic. The veins can be removed through a 1 mm puncture with mild bruising and swelling following the treatment that resolves over several weeks to months depending on the number and size of veins removed.

 Veins in Other Areas

            Veins can be a concern on virtually any area of the body. They may include small spider veins or medium sized blue reticular veins and even bulging varicose veins. Most veins may be treated with sclerotherapy or other laser  treatments. Occasionally, varicose veins in the groin and abdomen may represent an obstruction to venous flow and the enlarged vein maybe a compensation to allow increased venous flow around an obstruction. The ultrasound or a venogram may rarely be needed to investigate the cause of a varicose vein in an unusual area. Congenital venous malformations can also be treated on various locations by laser and slerotherapy.


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